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Inexpensive New Year's Updates for Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Updated: Jan 26

Hello there! I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year! For me, welcoming the new year is a process. It doesn't start on the 1st or even the weeks after. It's goals that I want to set for myself through the year. Yes, I would like to start eating healthier, lose a few pounds and maybe start walking (Exercising) again. Blah blah blah. lol

As for my home, and to welcome in the New Year, I have thought of some inexpensive ways to refresh a couple of the main spaces in my home that I would like to share with you. Instead of adding new decor, I thought that bringing in some new necessities that we use every day that would make for a freshened up look.


There are several ways that you can refresh your kitchen without spending a lot of money. One idea is to add new dish clothes (a pack of 6- $5.99 from TJ Max) and hand towels( a pack of 2 dish towels -$6.99 and a pack of 3 - $9.99 both from Home Goods) to replace or add to your existing towels. How about a few new dish cleaning accessories! A cute little wooden handled bristle brush ($2.99 from TJ Max) for your dishes and pots. How about a fancy new handled sponge ( shown on the left - $4.99 from Home Goods) for cleaning wine and drink glasses. Or a new soap dispenser ($7.99 from Home Goods) with one of your favorite fragrances, just might do the trick.

I placed some of my cleaning tools on top of a rustic style wood cutting board that I am using as a tray and I placed the little scrub brush in a small bowl ($2.99 from Home Goods) next to my faucet. (isn't it cute!) I also used this unique little cream colored ceramic dish ($2.99 from Home Goods, which I think is originally supposed to be used for holding disposable sugar packets), to hold my dish towel.

*Below: (Please don't mind the knots that are showing through on my ship lapped back splash. How embarrassing! Yikes! These knots started to appear more darker over the past year and I definitely need to paint my ship lap this year. This will be one of my many goals for this new year.)

How about adding a few new fun cooking utensils to what you already have. I have collected these over the past couple of years. I was displaying them for more of a decor statement, but I think, this year, I might start actually using them! (Spatula - $4.99, Sauce Mop - $4.99, Wisker - $5.99, all from Home Goods)

This new throw rug was only $12.99 at Home Goods!

It's really good feeling to add some new inexpensive things to my kitchen that I can use everyday and at the same time, make it look refreshed for the New Year!



Our bathroom is very small and is the only bathroom in our house. We had updated our bathroom twice since we have been here. It's starting to show a little "wear and tear". I think a fresh coat of paint will fit into our budget, but until then, there are a few inexpensive ideas that I wanted add to freshen up this space. Adding a new white bath mat ($19.99 from Home Goods) will go with any decor and can brighten up any bathroom.

Because my bathroom is so small, I tend to like things clean looking and uncluttered. So by incorporating more necessary items to use as part of your decor, can bring your bathroom back to life. A new set of bath towels can also brighten up your bathroom. Bath towels can be a big expense if you buy them all at once. This time of year I know many store have "White Sales" for Kitchen and Bath towels. But to stay within my budget bought one set of towels (Under $20 from Home Goods) to add to my existing towels. Maybe just buying a couple of hand towels ($5.99 each), for now, can make your bathroom look and feel more refreshed. In addition, something as inexpensive and as simple as a new soap dispenser ($4.99 from Home Goods) for your sink, along with a new hand towel can be a nice change.

Some other ideas can be replacing an old shower curtain. That, I did last year and it's still very new looking. To freshen it up I just put through a wash cycle and then hung it back up to let it air dry. Also, just by replacing your shower curtain liner every 3 months with keep your shower feeling refreshed throughout the year.

If you have a window in your bathroom like I do, changing out a new curtain, valance or blind can make a big difference too.

Well . . .Thank you for Stopping by!

And I hope I was able to give you a little inspiration by showing you some ideas on how to refresh your Kitchen & Bathroom.

I would love to hear from you! Please don't hesitate to comment or mention any update ideas you have done to start off the New Year!

Kindest Regards,

~ Maria @ Willow House Lane ~

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