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How to Create an Eclectic Design Style that is All Your Own.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019


Welcome Back!

It's been awhile since I have posted a new blog. (Real life should always be the #1 priority.)

So here it is!

I Didn't think it was in the budget, but I made it work. I was longing for a full size sofa in my living room. I babysit my granddaughter often, so we sit and watch kids learning shows on my phone when it's time for a play break and just before nap time, to wind down. I love our snuggle time together! Of course, my pup "Captain" is always right by my side. He, alone, takes up half of a full size couch!

So this is how my new sofa came to be . . .

Even, I though I haven't blogged in a while, I still have been posting on Instagram when I have the time. If you do follow me on Instagram, after the holidays, I had posted a photo of my living room with and requested opinions about slip covers. Some of the people I follow use them and some don't. I had already tried a slip cover on my love seat about a year before, It stayed on there for about a month and them I took it off. It started looking kinda dirty and trying to keep it looking straightened out was too frustrating for me. I always kept up with keeping my sofas clean by vacuuming them to remove the pet hair and every once in a while wiping the fabric with laundry detergent on a microfiber cloth.

So the census was "slip covers". Again, I put the slip cover back on. It only lasted a week!

I had my love seat with a matching oversized chair and ottoman for about 11 years now. These living room pieces held up well for soo long. Too long! Ha ha! I only noticed for about the last year the fabric was getting really loose and and the cushions have lost some of their support, especially the back cushions. You can notice what I am talking about in the photo, Below.

So, it was time . . . I searched the internet as to what I had in mind. And of course, I always find something I like from Pottery Barn! The sofas were on sale and with 0% interest for a year! I couldn't pass up the offer! (The best way to make a big purchase on a budget!)

My sofa is from the "Carlisle Collection". The color is Metal Gray and the fabric is Poly Twill. I opted for one bench seat instead of two seat cushions (As you can see below). Whoo hoo! I am so happy with this purchase! Although I was a little nervous because I never ordered this big online. Yikes! They delivered it with such care and I immediately new this was the right decision as soon as I saw it sitting right there in my living room.

I really put a lot of thought into the type of sofa that I wanted for this space. I wanted to give this room a versatile look with a focal point, where I can change out the pillows, a few decor accessories and maybe some furniture pieces for either a quick new look that I could keep for all year round or seasonally. My goal here was to create a minimalistic look, still making this space welcoming and comfortable. By doing this, I created my own eclectic look, adding a little vintage, farmhouse, coastal and even a little cottage, all in one.

I added this floor lamp(below) that was really meant for my family room when I first bought it. I brought it up to my living room before I knew I was going to get a new sofa, to envision how I could make this lamp work better is this space. It was not until my sofa was delivered that I found the perfect spot for it. At first I put a standard size end table next to the sofa. But because my living space is so small, it really looked awkward. So I replaced it with my floor lamp and I added a stack of lidded baskets. These wicker baskets provide extra storage which I always need. They work perfectly in front of my floor lamp. Both the floor lamp and the wicker baskets work as a "utility" in my decorating process . And I could actually use the stacked baskets as a side table to rest a cup of morning coffee or even an evening drink, if I wanted to.

The furniture and decor in my home is a culmination of old and new which works well for me. Redecorating and constantly buying new decor accessories can become quite expensive, especially if you're trying to keep up with the latest styles and trends. But when I do need something to finish decorating a room, again, I always give each purchase a lot of thought, no matter how big or small. And I always ask myself, am I going to like this months or even years from now? If I buy something and know that it does not really work in my home, I will return it. If I'm not sure of something, I will hold onto it for a few days or even a few weeks. I will even display for a couple of days to see if I really like it and could use it, if needed, in other rooms as well. If not, I will return the item or items and keep on searching.

I've had my Farmhouse Ladder for about 4 years now. It was the start of my design statement for this room which goes to show how I slowly transformed this space into what it is today. Even though it is not the latest trend anymore, it is still my favorite decor piece in this space.

Farmhouse Ladder Love!

I added these coastal white hanging lanterns to my wall to enhance the focal point in this space. There is more about "Focal Points" below, in #4 in my " 5 Key Elements to do Eclectic Style Right".

More Below about how I came across these White Hanging Coastal Lanterns!

It's not always easy to find the right decor when decorating a new space. Sometimes finding the right decor takes more time than anticipated. For example, these 2 coastal white metal lanterns, was not exactly what I had envisioned, at first. When you think you have something in mind, it doesn't always work out. Which in this case, it worked out even better! Intially, I was looking, yes for lanterns, but more along the line of lanterns made of either bamboo or wicker. I literally was searching the internet for weeks! Then, I finally came across something I found online at Kirklands.They were bamboo lanterns. It was stated that they were only available at my local store and not online. So, I took a ride to the Kirklands location where they said that the lanterns were available and it turned out that they didn't carry them in that store at all. Thinking I would have to risk the same thing happening again, after traveling 25 minutes away to the other Kirlands store, I thought I would check out some other local stores to see what they had. I hit "Home Goods" on the right day! They had a huge collection of coastal decor. Sometimes the only problem is that it is rare when you can find two of the same items at a same one time in this type of store. But I did! I found the one lantern in one isle and the other around the bend hiding behind some other home decor display. Score!! I knew that these were the ones! I knew my mission and room was now complete!

Overall I created an Eclectic style that was all my own. And I am finally happy with this space!

Even an Eclectic design can actually be so many forms of styles and may not always be what you had envisioned when creating a design look for space. So, I added "5 Key Elements to do Eclectic Style Right" that could help with steps of creating an eclectic style that's all your own!

5 Key Elements to do Eclectic Style Right


I know we all have either done this in the past or are still doing it today . . .

The 1st step is to resist the urge to purchase pieces as a unit. Buying a furniture set can make shopping a breeze, but it's the easiest way to make your home look like a show room. Avoid purchasing coordinating pieces and instead vary the styles, vendors, and vibes for your furniture pieces.

If your hesitant because you have always followed the cardinal design rule of bonded pairs together, don't worry - you can still keep things united with some underlying guidelines.


As you determine the decor you will incorporate in to Eclectic Design, don't forget that the room is meant to be lived in. Let "utility" conform your decorating. Think of how you use a room to help pull it together. Consider baskets, bookshelf, serving trays, lighting, and even mirrors. These elements lend a cozy, lived in atmosphere to your room.


In an eclectic space, it's about creating a look of controlled chaos. One way to add in layers without adding in too much visual heft is texture. Incorporating both rough and smooth textures add interest to an interior, especially when you use a neutral palette, as I did.

With my design, I added wicker baskets, a wood and metal framed mirror. Then softened my room with some patterned cottage style pillows and hung my textured pink throw. Added foe florals in my coastal metal lanterns and vintage mirror with vase holder.


When you arrange your layout, remember: Though eclectic style does involve combining styles through and periods through a wide variety of items, the curated look shouldn't lack focus. Creating a focal point or accentuating an existing one with an eye catching element.

In my design I felt like my large wood framed mirror with its detailed galvanized metal edges was always the focal point in my small living space. It was enough when I had just my love seat, but since I have a new larger sofa, I accentuated my accent wall by adding the coastal white hanging lanterns on either side of my large mirror, creating a larger focal point to fit this space.


Styling an eclectic room does't mean tossing every rule. There is a fine line between layered and collected to busy and distracting. Put a limit on the number of contrasting styles in one room to avoid things feeling random. The nature of eclectic style is varied, but each room in your home should still complement the others. Carry eclecticism throughout your home to create and even flow from one room to the next.

In the end, I hope I was able to help you visually by showing you my photos and by giving you some pointers on how you can create your own eclectic style!


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