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Farmhouse Kitchen

Working Character and Creativity into a Cozy (small) Kitchen Renovation

Hi Again! Welcome to my Cozy Kitchen! So this is it! Small, yet practical. This is the second update to our kitchen since we moved in 22 years ago. My husband and I wanted to do a little more updating since we had our new floors put in a few years ago. Our kitchen, till this day, is still a work in progress. Before we even had the floors put in, we purchased this rustic kitchen Island BELOW.

It wasn't until 2 years this October that we did our little DIY project. We really weren't planning a kitchen makeover at the time because we were just finishing up renovating a new laundry room area. But this project came about from having to get a small counter top for a set of lower cabinets that were installed in our laundry room. We decided to look for a granite style reminant at a local granite & tile shop. There, we found a beautiful slab of gray leather textured granite. We liked is so much that there was enough granite to replace our small kitchen counter top. And so the thoughts of our mini renovation began. We were really budgeted since we thought we were going to take a break after our laundry room renovation. I was definitely going for a farmhouse look but not an all white kitchen, at the time. The reason being, is that it wasn't in our budget to replace our oak cabinets and we really didn't have the time to even consider the idea of prepping and painting them. So instead, I searched the internet for some inspiration. I was mainly looking for farmhouse style kitchens with white shiplap walls and oak cabinetry. And this is what I found!

This kitchen was my Inspiration! I just love everything about this kitchen! Look at this space and those french doors! So obviously, you can definately see the huge size difference between our kitchens. Basically, it was the color pallet of the shiplapped walls with oak cabinets and dark counter tops that I wanted used as my inspiration.

We did price a beautiful selection of multicolored stone tiles for the walls, during the same time we had picked out our counter tops, while we were at the shop. They would have coordinated with our oak cabinets perfectly, giving our kitchen a more rustic look. But with the installation cost, it was way out of our budget! We are usually DIYer's when it comes to most things, but we didn't have experience with grouting and tile placement. So then idea of shiplap entered my mind. It seemed that is was getting more and more popular! My husband was a little hesitant at the time. So I had to gather some pictures off the internet and convince him of the idea. It wasn't until I found the photo above that he said, " Ok, we can do that. This would be something that we could tackle ourselves." So we did!

Below are a couple of older photos of our kitchen before we had the new flooring installed. If you look close enough, you can see that there was never a true wood framed window or should I say that when the previous owners had the blue tile put up they, built the window frame flush with the tile. I felt that the window frame never really had any character and I wanted to change the style to coordinate with the shiplap that we were installing, So, I googled how to make a farmhouse window frame and my husband built it for me. He did a great job! Below are a couple of photos of our kitchen BEFORE our makeover.

My husband took down the blue tile. I thought it was going to be a challenge! It turned out that once a couple of the tiles were remove, the rest seemed to come down very easily and quickly. Whew! Big Relief!

BELOW, you see a closer look of our Farmhouse Window Frame! So proud of my Hubby!

The run down of Our Cozy Kitchen Renovation consists of shiplapped walls, farmhouse window frame,

new granite countertop with a new under mount sink. And a new nickel plated faucet set. (The new faucet set was not planned with our renovation. I explain why, right below in DESIGN TIP #1)

DESIGN TIP #1 - When ever you start planning any type of renovation, always expect to spend a little more, and hopefully not a lot more than you planned. Try to set aside some type money resource, for something than can be unexpected. We had planned to use the faucet set that we already had. It was only about 2 years old at the time. My husband had just finished reinstalling all the faucet fixtures and hooking up the water lines when he realized that the washers were rotted and leaking water. We wound up purchasing a better quality faucet set thinking that this would last longer. It was a bit pricey and we weren't expecting to pay that much. I am hoping it will be well worth it in the long run!

Lately, I was debating lately on whether or not to paint these cabinets and I had mentioned it a couple of times on my Instagram posts of my kitchen. I have white cabinets in my laundry room and the dark gray granite counter on top of my white lower cabinets, so I kind of get the idea if I painted my oak cabinets white. I love the combination in my laundry room but I kind of like the warm affect of the oak cabinets in my kitchen with the white shiplap walls. I know it's not the trend right now, but I'm ok with that! I wanted my kitchen to have character and especially that I know that a complete professional renovation would be very costly and would never be in our budget. You never know . . .painting these cabinets might be an option later on down the road. Either that or oak cabinets might be making a bigger comeback someday!

DESIGN TIP #2 - If you have to renovate any room on a budget, especially a kitchen or bathroom in which most cases can be very expensive, make a plan of what changes you want to make. Compare pricing of all the elements that you would want to change.

DESIGN TIP #3 -Sometimes design"TRENDS" can end up being very exspensive. The shiplap walls in the kitchen worked for us financially & cosmetically. I think it worked for us cosmetically because of the cabinet placement. We just have that one small cabinet above our stove so it gives the illusion of a larger wall space. And shiplap is still very popular. But that may change later on down the road. The pine we used for the shiplap design that we wanted was so inexpensive that maybe someday if it was in our budget, we could replace the shiplap with the stone wall we initially wanted. Or even replace the cabinets instead of painting them. If you think that shiplap would not work for your kitchen, there so many other inexpensive & create materials out there to update kitchen back splashes.

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