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Fall Nesting in our Sun Porch

Welcome! Now That the cooler weather has finally arrived, I wanted to cozy up my porch to make it feel warm and inviting! You can see that our porch is right off of our kitchen. which is also the main floor of our home. This foe stone wall that you see, was put up about 4 years ago when we had our house resided. This replaced yellow siding that used to be on this wall. The outside of our house used to have yellow siding as well. Now, the outside of our house has a deep blue siding with with black shutters. We also have this stone wall, on the main section, of the front of our house. I will have to show you some day :)

Our sun porch was the main reason we fell in love with this house, 22 years ago. It reminded me of my childhood home. We had a screened in porch growing up and I remember many happy memories of my father grilling, just outside the porch, on his days off. He had built his own picnic table and benches and I looked forward to eating our dinners on the back porch, as a family.

I added a few real pumpkins along with my foe pumpkins, in this rustic style tray.

DECORATING TIP #1: Candles and candle holders always add extra warmth for decorating, especially during the Fall & Winter Months.

When we first moved into our new home, the porch had just screens on all the windows and a wood deck style floor. Just like my childhood home, we bought a picnic table with benches and had many of our dinners in here, when the weather was nice. After a few years, we decided we wanted to get better use of this space, so my husband measured all the windows and replaced all the screens with slatted storm windows. For the flooring, he laid plywood over the decking and we carpeted the floor to make the room more insulated and feel more comfortable to walk on. (At this point, the carpeting has seen better days.We definitely need to replace the flooring!) It turned out to be a great decision, where we were able to use our porch all year round. In the summer we have air conditioning, with a window unit, which is ugly and I chose not include it in the photos. (The air conditioner is in the far left corner window, next to our couch.) When we get the really cold weather, we still use the porch, but mostly during the weekends. We don't have direct heat in the porch, from our home, so we spark up the good old "Mr. Heater", when we know we are going to use this room. It usually takes a 1/2 an hour to an hour to heat up the room, depending on how cold it is. We used to talk about getting a gas line run to the porch. This way we could install a decorative gas stove with a remote. It would be so much easier. But it would be a big expense that is not in our budget, so I don't really see that happening any time soon.

DECORATING TIP #2: So when you have an old and/or ugly carpet that needs to be replaced, what do you do??? Add an area rug or runner to add some extra warmth and texture. Or in my case I am using this blue striped runner that you see above, that was originally meant to be used by my kitchen sink.

DECORATING TIP #3: It is also trendy, right now, to layer a couple of area rugs on top of hard surfaced floors, with different textures and patterns. By doing this, it will add an extra layer of warmth and coziness to your space.

I found the this checked gold piped pillow, shown BELOW, last minute at Home Goods! Even though I am not a big fan of yellow for decorating, I fell in love with everything about this pillow! Especially the texture!

I guess I have to show you the other side of my porch, where the most comfortable chair is, in the room, the "Recliner"! lol! (Below)

(Oops, I forgot to take down the hook that is hanging, on the top left corner of the photo below.)

I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit!



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