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A Look Back at Past Years of Entryway Ideas & Inspiration

Welcome! I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my Entryway ideas and share them with you!

I love all different styles of Decor . . . Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse, Modern Rustic and yet, some how, I tend to lean a little towards hints of Coastal Decor for my Home. This is the most recent look in my Entryway. I'm thinking Coastal Rustic Farmhouse. Yea! That's what I will call it! As I searched for these photos, choosing the best pics, I realized, it seemed as though I have come into my own. Meaning, that through the years as I publicly opened my home to all of you, which first started back in Late October (2017) on Instagram, it led me into a journey of how my house became a home over the years and how I acquired a style that was all my own. My style may not be for everyone, but I am proud and more confident of how I want my house to look. Not just for all of you, but for my family and my everyday life in our home. Let's take a peak as I explain some good ideas and maybe not so many good ideas for my Entryway. So, here we go . . .

As you enter my house, your are actually walking into my living room. My home is on the small side and I have always been okay with that. Before I created an entryway, this area was used as a spot for our TV. That was when we used this living room as our main family room for watching TV and where our 2 kids would play.


The next 2 photos were taken of my living room back in October (2017). You can see a contrast of dark wood and white painted furniture and a mix of eclectic decor. And a mix of old and new. This chest of drawers is part of a set that used to be in my husband's childhood bedroom. Then it was passed on to us for our son's room. When my son moved out I brought it down into our living room to create an Entryway.

My family thought I was crazy at first. Why would you put a dresser in our living room. To tell you the truth I would have never thought of it myself, but my inspiration came from a well known blogger, Melissa from "The Inspired Room". She was the first blogger that I started and still do follow, today. She has created such an amazing journey for herself. One that I admire so deeply. She has been such an inspiration for me all of theses years.

Anyway, my intentions for this dresser was to chalk paint it white. It eventually happened, but I think it took me almost a year before I actually did paint it. You will see, as you move on the other photos taken, through out the past couple of years when I posted my dresser reveal.

Even though these to photos were taken a few years ago, I liked how this looked and felt in this section of our living room. I could always recreate a similar look, but with that dresser now painted white, of course!

Some how and I don't know why, I went from Fall in October to January (2018), showing an after Christmas, "Winter Decor Style".

As you scroll through these photos, you will notice that I will use some of my decor pieces over again through each style that I create. Like this blue wooden lantern . . . I have displayed it different spots in my home and a few times in my entryway displays.

Then a month later, in February (2018), I decided to switch out my dresser for our TV Stand and created a Coastal Farmhouse theme. I really liked the theme and the look of this, but I didn't like the dimensions of the TV stand in this space unless I was going to put our TV back on it. To me, it sat too low for an entryway piece.

A Closer Look.

So, after about a Month, I switched back my dresser and created an Early Spring Display (2018). I will be honest, the design below wasn't one of my favorite looks. Although I liked the simplicity of shelf display, I was a little stumped with my dresser display. Over all, I thought it would look fine for awhile.

Then, I came across this Bee Hive style wicker basket!! I was just browsing through the isles of Marshals and there it was! I didn't see anymore of them at any of their sister stores that season. It was a "here today gone tomorrow" kind of thing! Ha! Even though it was a simple look, this was one of my favorite styles for our Entryway.

The other thing I did, was change back my drawer knobs to the original ones when I first brought down the dresser to this space. I originally changed back to these knobs, because of my granddaughter. At the time, my little peanut was just learning to crawl and I didn't want her to cut her tiny little hands on the ceramic knobs with the way they were designed. Not kid friendly.

Then came Fall (2018). I did a Fall Tour with some of my Instagram friends. It was really fun and I was really please with the outcome of my entryway, that Fall. This is when I made my DIY Reveal on Instagram of my white chalk painted dresser with my new bronze colored drawer pulls. Here's a few entryway pics that I took from different angles in my home.

Then late Fall (2018), I decided to switch my living room around. I moved my dresser where my love seat was under the big mirror in my living room and moved my accent chair where my dresser was. So, now for a short period of time, my living room space suddenly became bigger with the chair there. This photo had the record amount of likes for me, on Instagram! A whopping 308 likes! lol!

I kept my accent chair through the Holidays that year. I even had a little fun with this photo below for my Instagram page. I don't know what I was thinking at the time. Just having a little fun, I guess. So, I posted this photo as "Santa's Chair". lol!

After Christmas, January (2019) I found this Magnolia Market wood cathedral style arch. And changed this space up, once again.

I kept the wood arch up through early Spring and part of the Summer (2019).

Then, I created this Coastal Rustic Farmhouse look that came about in Late September (2019), which I decided to keep throughout the months of Fall. Then came Christmas . . .

Christmas (2019). I didn't elaborate on taking a lot of photos of my entryway because it became such a busy time for me, preparing for Christmas, like I'm sure, we all did. I took little break from instagram as well during the Christmas season, to take a step back and enjoy this time of year with my family.

After Christmas, January (2020), I went right back to the same Entryway look as it was before Christmas. I am content with this look and style for now. I'm sure might I want to change things around in the future. My thoughts for this space might be to do something with the wall. As you might have notice, my wall has a weird texture to it. It was like that when we moved in 23 years ago. With all the changes I have made in this space, over the years, led to many patched nail wholes and not such a great job in repairing them. Even through, about 4 different wall colors of painting, it still looks a little rough. I'm really contemplating on doing an accent wall . I would love to do a little DIY with either Ship lap or even a textured colored wall paper. That would be a great DIY challenge for me! We will see. . .

I do appreciate you stopping by and going down memory lane with me!

Until next time . . .

Kindest Regards,

Maria @ Willow House Lane

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